Frequently Asked Questions

What is is a collection of guides designed to help people get a quick overview of the current state of a particular segment if the IT industry and introduce them to modern tools, platforms, and practices in that area. The format itself is a mixture of mind maps, awesome lists and periodical reports provided by some companies. The guides are meant to help you figure out your place in the current landscape, decide where you want to be and find your way there.

I am a beginner/intermediate/expert developer, do I need this?

We believe that these guides can be helpful for developers of different experience levels.

  • Beginners can use them to create a clear map of the things they will learn and not get lost in the process.
  • Intermediate developers can use them to identify and address gaps in their knowledge.
  • Expert developers can use them as a basis for mentoring their peers as well as discovering new industry segments to study.